Free Spirit-Filled Bible School Curriculum

Russ Tatro’s Curriculum

This is a full 3 years worth of curriculum made available to you for free by the late Russ Tatro. Take it, use it, teach it, reproduce it. This material was intended for people to use around the world at no cost with full rights to reproduce. I offer the following materials that were designed for international Bible training centers, per the late Russ Tatro.


Thomas Taylor Ministries Curriculum

This is the curriculum I am producing personally for use in any Bible school or college anywhere.  Enjoy for free.

Faith 101 Course: Adapted from and companion to the book by Kenneth E. Hagin “Foundations for Faith”

Lesson 1 – How Do We Get Faith?

Lesson 2 – What is Faith?

Lesson 3 – Faith vs. Hope

Lesson 4 – Faith Sees the Answer