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Thomas Taylor Ministries Podcast

What Manner of Love – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Michael Fenton What Manner of Love By Pastor Thomas Taylor People will hurt you and try to destroy you; like Jesus, you can refrain from retaliating. You can choose to love them and leave the vengeance to God should they not repent.  

Catch a Glimpse Of Eternity – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Dave Ruck Catch a Glimpse Of Eternity Pastor Thomas Taylor Keep your eyes on the Kingdom of God and the prize in the end. We win and there is coming a time of no more death, sin, sorrow, or pain.

The Weapon of the Word – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Max LaRochelle The Weapon of the Word By Pastor Thomas Taylor God’s Word is to be used as an offensive weapon against the devil. Don’t be passive with him but violently throw him out of your home.

The Thoughts of Jesus and Overcoming Sinful Thoughts – PODCAST

The Thoughts of Jesus and Overcoming Sinful Thoughts By Thomas Taylor What you think is largely going to determine what you do in life. You cannot do anything without thinking it first If you constantly think on the things of this world, you will desire the things of this world, and pursue them. You will […]

Overcoming Lies – Set Free From Insecurity, Depression, & Suicidal Thoughts PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Stefania Crudeli Overcoming Lies – Set Free From Insecurity, Depression, & Suicidal Thoughts By Thomas Taylor Devil sows seeds of lies…starting at childhood… AT NATURAL CHILDHOOD, We start to believe lies about ourselves and those lies become the limitations we live by into adulthood. Everyone of has bought into one of more […]

I Do, Committing Your Life to Jesus – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Ryan Holloway I Do, Committing Your Life to Jesus By Thomas Taylor Are you really saved or did you pray a prayer that did nothing? When you come to Jesus, you are making a vow like that in marriage. You are giving up your life to make Jesus your Lord forever.

The Word Growing in Your Heart – Making Immovable Decisions – PODCAST

The Word Growing in Your Heart – Making Immovable Decisions By Thomas Taylor God’s Word cannot grow in our heart if our heart is rocky ground. Learn to step out in faith on God’s Word and see fruitful results.

Fruit of the Spirit – PODCAST

Fruit of the Spirit By Thomas Taylor God is looking to measure your life first and foremost by your fruit, not your gifts and calling. Learn about the fruit of the Spirit.

Examine the Lamb – PODCAST

Examine the Lamb By Thomas Taylor When you accept Jesus, God no longer examines your sins but examines the perfect, holy and righteous Lamb of God.

The Word Sown In Your Heart – PODCAST

The Word Sown In Your Heart By Thomas Taylor The devil will steal the Word if you have a lack of understanding. Learn how to prevent the enemy from stealing the Word sown in your heart.

Knowing God – Philippians 3 – PODCAST

Knowing God – Philippians 3 By Thomas Taylor In chapter 3 Paul exhorts us to pursue after the one thing: Knowing God. Learn how to pursue God.

The Natural Man; The Spiritual Man – PODCAST

The Natural Man; The Spiritual Man By Thomas Taylor God says the willing and obedient eat the good of the land. God has rejected the flesh and wants us to walk in His will.

Can You Approach God? – PODCAST

Can You Approach God? By Thomas Taylor Do you have bold confidence in approaching the throne of God or are you still stuck in your sin?

Seek First – What Are Your Spiritual Priorities? – PODCAST

Seek First – What Are Your Spiritual Priorities? By Thomas Taylor What is important in your life? What are your priorities? Learn about seeking first God and His will in everything.

Emmanuel – God With Us – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Thomas Emmanuel – God With Us By Thomas Taylor One of the foundations of our faith is that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. This was the only way God could become man. Learn about God with man – Emmanuel.

Crippled Christianity vs. Authentic Christianity – PODCAST

Crippled Christianity vs. Authentic Christianity By Thomas Taylor Crippled Christianity is one that produces little or nothing. Are you a crippled Christian or an authentic Christian that is a disciple of Christ?

Fearless – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Roberto Nickson (@g) Fearless By Thomas Taylor When the storm came, Jesus rebuked His disciples because of their fear. Learn how to not fall into fear and worry but overcome by faith.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled – PODCAST

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Thomas Taylor When we see the evil of the world like mass shootings, we cannot let it get into our hearts. Learn how to keep your emotions under control and focus on Jesus.

Standing Before God In Judgement – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Patrick Fore Standing Before God In Judgement By Thomas Taylor God has appointed a day in which He will judge every single man. Learn how to minister to the lost concerning Judgment Day.

Interceding In Prayer – PODCAST

Interceding In Prayer By Thomas Taylor God’s people are to be a people of prayer. Learn how to pray and intercede for others.

Developing Your Spirit – PODCAST

Developing Your Spirit By Thomas Taylor The real you is a spirit that will live forever. Learn about the things of the spirit and how to develop your human spirit.

Matters of the Heart – PODCAST

Matters of the Heart By  Thomas Taylor God looks first on the motives of the heart more than actions. Are there any impurities in your heart?

God’s Plan for Your Life – PODCAST

God’s Plan for Your Life By Thomas Taylor Not everything that seems like a blessing is from God. Learn how to be led by God’s Spirit to make the right decisions in life.

The Courtroom of Heaven – PODCAST

The Courtroom of Heaven By Thomas Taylor The Bible is a legal document created for us to use against the accuser. Learn about the courtroom of Heaven and the power of the Blood.

Lift Up Your Eyes – PODCAST

Lift Up Your Eyes By Thomas Taylor Look at the hurting world around you and give them what God has given you…the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord for the nations.

Truly Knowing Jesus – PODCAST

Truly Knowing Jesus By Thomas Taylor Some Christians know about Jesus but Jesus is calling us all to a more intimate knowledge of Himself. Knowing Him is Life.

Nothing Without Jesus – PODCAST

Nothing Without Jesus By Thomas Taylor We have nothing, know nothing, are nothing and can do nothing without Jesus.

Legalism and Conscience – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Malte Baumann Legalism and Conscience By Thomas Taylor Paul teaches how we are to walk in love toward those who are weak in their conscience. We should avoid legalism, which is forcing our conscience on others.

Thoughts and Desires – PODCAST

Thoughts and Desires By Thomas Taylor Temptation starts with thoughts, which produce desires, which allows temptation. Learn about how to beat temptation.

How to Stay Full of God – PODCAST

Photo Courtesy of Jack Cain How to Stay Full of God By Thomas Taylor If you have ever felt God touch your life, but then your spiritual life grows dim and weak, learn how to reverse it. Learn how to get on fire for God and stay on fire for God!

Overcomers – PODCAST

Overcomers By Thomas Taylor The Bible says we are overcomers, yet so many Christians are living in defeat. How do you live in victory on a daily basis? Learn here.

Wisdom, The Principle Thing – PODCAST

Wisdom, The Principle Thing By Thomas Taylor The thing we need the most is God’s wisdom. Seek with all your heart and you will hear from God His awesome wisdom in any situation.

Man’s Authority – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of JD Mason Man’s Authority By Thomas Taylor God gave man authority over the whole earth. In fact, all authority of any kind comes originally from God. Learn about the authority you have been given and how to increase your authority.

God Shall Deliver from ALL – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Brandon Morgan God Shall Deliver from ALL By Thomas Taylor God promises to deliver us from ALL our troubles. Learn about the faithfulness of our God!

Christ, and Him Crucified – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Omer Salom Christ, and Him Crucified By Thomas Taylor A resurrected Christ shows a simple Gospel Message…believe on Jesus and you can be saved from sin and death.

God Shall Direct Your Paths – PODCAST

God Shall Direct Your Paths By Thomas Taylor When we face trials that are bigger than we can handle, God has a way to direct you in making right decisions. We can pray in the spirit and get help and wisdom. How to get guidance when needed.

The New Covenant – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden The New Covenant By Thomas Taylor In the New Covenant, God makes the strongest agreement He could that He would not be wroth nor reject those in Christ. Learn about the blood covenant through Christ Jesus.

Get into Position – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Chase Clark Get into Position By Thomas Taylor We need to be where God wants us to be in these last days. There is a position, a place God has for you, right now in this generation. It is time to be there.

Searching for Light – PODCAST

Photos courtesy of Joshua Sortino Searching for Light By Thomas Taylor Gnosticism says Lucifer is the light and you can be gods. The Bible says Jesus is the Light and Jesus is God, you are not.

Love Your Brother – PODCAST

Love Your Brother By Thomas Taylor Is it okay to tear down your brother in Christ to make yourself seem more spiritual? Of course not, but that is what we see in many parts of the Body of Christ.