Have You Committed the Unpardonable Sin?

Have you committed the unpardonable sin

Have You Committed the Unpardonable Sin? Steps Toward Reprobation By Thomas Taylor Christians need to realize that they can be lost. It is very clear in Scripture that a Christian can fall away from God, known as reprobation – becoming a reprobate. Once saved always saved is not true, as I have proven is my […]

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Heresy Hunters?

Heresy Hunters

Heresy Hunters and the Caustic “Christians” They Produce By Thomas Taylor Have you seen “Christian” articles, blogs, and social media posts like this: “Billy Graham Exposed!” “It’s the Mark of the Beast to worship on Sunday!” “You’re not saved if you’re not baptized by our church!” “You’re going to hell if you read the wrong […]

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Thoughts and Desires – Overcoming Sin

thoughts desires and temptation

Thoughts and Desires – Overcoming Sin The image above illustrates that what we think about becomes our desires. Our desires are what opens the door to temptation. Choice Christians often find themselves in a spiral of sin – they sin, they feel bad, they try to stop, then they do it again. Frustration rises. They […]

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The Problem With Conspiracies

Conspiracy theorists or true minister of the Gospel?

The Problem With Conspiracies How do you know whether you are listening to Truth or conspiracy? By Thomas Taylor I have spent a large portion of my ministry studying and teaching end times. For some reason, that particular area of Bible study is ripe with conspiracy theorists. It is hard sometimes to find teachers that […]

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