The Will of God – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Marcin Jozwiak The Will of God By Pastor Thomas Taylor God’s people want to know God’s will in their heart. Learn the 5 scriptures that explicitly tell you God’s will for your life.

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Six Deceptions of Satan – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Marissa Price Six Deceptions of Satan By Pastor Thomas Taylor Satan is using the same deceptions today as he did in the Garden of Eden. Learn what the six deceptions of Satan are today.

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Real Problems? Real Jesus – PODCAST

real problems? real Jesus

Photo courtesy of Yoshi Takekawa Real Problems? Real Jesus By Pastor Thomas Taylor How does a man dying on a cross almost 2,000 years ago and being raised from the dead help us today? That was a long time ago! How does that help with issues we see all around us in the world today? You […]

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The Word and Power; Faith Manifestations! – PODCAST

faith and power

Photo courtesy of Vincent Tantardini The Word and Power By Pastor Thomas Taylor Christian’s sometimes see Gods Word as just words on a page but don’t actually expect to receive the manifestation of power that always follows the Word when you believe. (Hold fast!)

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Overcoming Discouragement And Doubt – PODCAST

overcoming discouragement and doubt

Photo courtesy of Noah Silliman Overcoming Discouragement And Doubt By Pastor Thomas Taylor We go through crisis and are tempted to think, “Why me God?” or “Where are you God?”  First know that God will never leave you… God loves you… I want to tell you some things to do when you are feeling discouraged or […]

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How To Hear God Speak To You – PODCAST

how to hear God speak to you

Photo courtesy of Mourad Saadi How To Hear God Speak To You By Pastor Thomas Taylor God’s people are needing guidance and direction from God but don’t know how to hear. When they get His direction, it is always right!

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Who Jesus Is…Not – PODCAST

who Jesus is not

Photo courtesy of Kevin Lanceplaine Who Jesus Is…Not By Pastor Thomas Taylor There are many Jesus’ that have been preached in churches but they are not the real Jesus. We are going to learn about the real Jesus by learning who Jesus is NOT.

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Seeking God In Times Of Trouble – PODCAST

seeking God in Trouble

Photo courtesy ofunsplash-logoCasey Horner Seeking God In Times Of Trouble By Pastor Thomas Taylor We all run into circumstances in life where something bad happens and there is nothing you can do fix it….you’re helpless…you feel a loss of control. How do you hear from God?

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What Manner of Love – PODCAST

Photo courtesy of Michael Fenton What Manner of Love By Pastor Thomas Taylor People will hurt you and try to destroy you; like Jesus, you can refrain from retaliating. You can choose to love them and leave the vengeance to God should they not repent.  

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Catch a Glimpse Of Eternity – PODCAST

Glimpse of eternity

Photo courtesy of Dave Ruck Catch a Glimpse Of Eternity Pastor Thomas Taylor Keep your eyes on the Kingdom of God and the prize in the end. We win and there is coming a time of no more death, sin, sorrow, or pain.

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