How to Stay Full of God – PODCAST

Photo Courtesy of Jack Cain How to Stay Full of God By Thomas Taylor If you have ever felt God touch your life, but then your spiritual life grows dim and weak, learn how to reverse it. Learn how to get on fire for God and stay on fire for God!

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Overcomers – PODCAST

Overcomers By Thomas Taylor The Bible says we are overcomers, yet so many Christians are living in defeat. How do you live in victory on a daily basis? Learn here.

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Man’s Authority – PODCAST


Photo courtesy of JD Mason Man’s Authority By Thomas Taylor God gave man authority over the whole earth. In fact, all authority of any kind comes originally from God. Learn about the authority you have been given and how to increase your authority.

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God Shall Direct Your Paths – PODCAST

God Shall Direct Your Paths By Thomas Taylor When we face trials that are bigger than we can handle, God has a way to direct you in making right decisions. We can pray in the spirit and get help and wisdom. How to get guidance when needed.

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The New Covenant – PODCAST

no wrath

Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden The New Covenant By Thomas Taylor In the New Covenant, God makes the strongest agreement He could that He would not be wroth nor reject those in Christ. Learn about the blood covenant through Christ Jesus.

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Get into Position – PODCAST

getting into position with God

Photo courtesy of Chase Clark Get into Position By Thomas Taylor We need to be where God wants us to be in these last days. There is a position, a place God has for you, right now in this generation. It is time to be there.

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