Love Your Brother – PODCAST

Love Your Brother By Thomas Taylor Is it okay to tear down your brother in Christ to make yourself seem more spiritual? Of course not, but that is what we see in many parts of the Body of Christ.

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1 John 4:7 through 5:2 – PODCAST

assurance of salvation

Photo courtesy of Jon Tyson Bible Class – 1 John 4:7 through 5:2 By Thomas Taylor Pastor Thomas Taylor takes us through 1 John chapter 4 explaining proofs of salvation. How to have assurance you are born again.

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Finding the Real Jesus – PODCAST

finding the real Jesus among the false

Photo courtesy of Daniel von Appen Finding the Real Jesus By Thomas Taylor There are many Jesus’ being preached today. They all sound good but there is only one that is real. Are you following the right Jesus?

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Faith in Him – PODCAST

faith in Him Jesus

Photo courtesy of Brent Cox Faith in Him By Thomas Taylor How does God give you things? By grace through our faith! But how does faith actually work? Is it really up to God when He has already provided it for you in His Word?

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Above All, Love – PODCAST

Above All, Love By Thomas Taylor God has shed His love abroad in our heart by the Holy Ghost. We have a new nature on the inside that is the God-kind of love that we can express in our Christian walk.

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Wisdom and Revelation – PODCAST

Wisdom and Revelation By Thomas Taylor God Himself has spoken to mankind through the Bible. In the Word of God is the secret to wisdom and revelation for life. Learn how to gain wisdom and revelation on a continual basis.

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