Unlocking The Book of Revelation

Unlocking The Book of Revelation

By Thomas Taylor

Aligning the Sequence of Events: The Sixth Seal, The Seventh Trumpet, and Right Before The Seven Bowls

I propose that the traditional view of the order of revelation is incorrect. Traditionally Bible teachers have said the the seven seals happen first, then the seven trumpet, then the seven bowls. But this order is impossible if we read the Bible literally. There are certain events that line up like the tumblers of a lock, once aligned correctly allows you to turn the key and unlock the door. This graph has certain events that are like those tumblers. The colors represent the same event but notice they are disclosed in different places in the book of Revelation. By reading these chapters as describing same time period, because these events perfectly line up, we discover the timing of the Coming of the Lord. I offer this as a tool for your further study; see if these events describe the same time period for yourself and you will be amazed to discover that the Lord comes at the sixth seal (Rev. 6 & 7), which is the SAME time as the seventh trumpet (Rev 11), which is the SAME time as moments right before the seven bowls are poured out (Rev. 15)!


Revelation Unlocked

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