The Prophecies Part 2 – What is About to Happen

The Prophecies Part 2 – What is About to Happen

By Thomas Taylor

My prediction, based on Bible prophecy, of the events about to take place.

Having logged over 5,000 hours studying Bible prophecy, which is a very conservative estimation, I thought it time to make some predictions of what I believe is about to take place. Of course, my predictions are only an educated guess based on my understanding of the Bible and world events. God is revealing more all the time and as He shows me more, I will append this article. Some of my predictions are something you probably have never heard of or even considered before.  The reason is because I do not go to old books or commentaries written about eschatology for my information like most eschatology teachers. They were written outside of the end times; therefore, they cannot possibly have any understanding of the world that would then be (Daniel 12:9). Today we do, for we are living in the end times. I go to the Bible to see what is going to happen, then look at the geo-political landscape of today to match up the players. No matter how nonsensical the Bible prophecies may sound at first, the world changes until it lines up perfectly with Bible prophecy. That is the hour we are living in today and why it is much easier to make predictions about what is going to take place in the near future. None of my predictions are absolute, but I think I have some insight that will help you see the end times more clearly.

This article is written as a summary of the last article I wrote, “Prophecies of the Antichrist Kingdom – List of 172 Prophecies Concerning the Kingdom of the Beast.” I simply wanted to take all of that information and write it out in a clear chronological order so that it makes sense as a narrative. Please refer to that article for the proof of the statements I make here.

World War II Until Today

After WWII the world was divided into East and West. The definitive example of this was East and West Germany. To the east, Communist U.S.S.R. held power and East Berlin. To the west, “Democratic” Europe held power and West Berlin. Thus, the Berlin Wall was created to separate the two powers and the Cold War began. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell because Communism in the U.S.S.R. failed and the East and West were once again united. This is the mortal wound of the Beast that was healed (Rev. 13:3). This was the first step in the healing of the divide between East and West. What is about to happen will be a full uniting of Russia with Europe through the United Nations into a one world government known as “The Beast” in Revelation.  This is the Tower of Babel version 2.0. The uniting of Russia with Europe may seem ridiculous right now, considering all the tension with Russia and the West over issues like Ukraine and defense missiles, but it is going to happen.

The United Nations was formed after WWII to unite the world and prevent war from happening. They have been working behind the scenes to create a one-world government for this noble cause. The major power of the U.N. is the world’s foremost superpower, the United States. However, for some reason the United States will back away from the U.N. and NATO because they are not mentioned as a major player in the kingdom of the antichrist, which is a revised U.N. The major players on the world stage in the end time will be the U.K., the E.U., and Russia.

The New United Nations

The United Nations will be revised to grab more power after some major world crises appears on the horizon. More importantly, this event the world sees coming as a threat to the earth, will move all the nations into their final alignment for the end of the age. For example, the E.U. will further solidify into one entity and become a major member of the U.N., not just an observer member as they are presently. The E.U. will likely become permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. The nations will unite in defeating a common enemy by giving their power to this revised United Nations like never before. NATO will be the primary military of the U.N. with the help of the Russian and Chinese militaries.

The United Nations will be different than the one we know today. The Bible says it will only last a short while – 3.5 years (Rev. 17:10; 13:5). It will be formed to bring safety and prevent dissension and war but it will in fact be the major belligerent in a war to destroy the nuisance of fundamental Islam. It will unite the nations to quell radical Sunni Islam (not Shia Islam because Iran will be with them). The United Nations will need a strong unified military to subdue this threat. The military will be that of the East and West. For the first time since WWII, the militaries of the East, Russia, and the West, Europe, will unite against a common enemy. Before, the common enemy were the Nazis; in the end time, it will be radical Sunni Muslims. Who will be able to make war against such a large unified military as NATO, Russia, and China combined?

The threat of Islam is a nuisance that must be quashed quickly because a bigger threat is coming. The world doesn’t have time to deal with rebellious Islam when a threat so big that could destroy all life on earth is soon to arrive. The world government will summon an army to invade into north Africa to quickly squelch the fundamental Islamic threat so they can deal with the real problem the world faces in the First Six Trumpets of the Bible. So the unified militaries of the United Nations will annihilate fundamentalism Sunni Islam. The countries the U.N. will invade are Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, and Sudan.

The First Six Trumpets – The Asteroid Is Coming

All six Trumpets are due to one major event coming in one moment but the aftermath will last 1 1/2 years, after which Jesus returns.  An asteroid is coming to strike the earth. They will see it years out but they will not warn the public until its strike is within 3 years.  The world will change almost seemingly overnight, like Pearl Harbor, like 911, and like the Corona virus pandemic. Only this time the world will be so radical in its change to fall in line with the world leadership that even suggesting the direction they are taking is wrong will have you killed. We will not be ordered to worship a man, as some teach about the antichrist and the Mark of the Beast – we will be ordered to worship world-government. The Mark of the Beast is the mark of allegiance to world government during this time of crisis. If you do not pledge allegiance to the world government during this time of extreme crisis, you must die for the good of humanity. There can be no dissenters. Remember when someone got out-of-line during the Corona virus? Multiply that by thousands. The world will rage against any opposition.

Could this asteroid be Apophis (99942) coming April 13, 2029? It very well could. None the less, an asteroid at least like Apophis is coming. It will nearly kill all life on the entire planet. The U.N.’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development will be put into high gear. They’ve been planning this for a very long time.

The nations will hit the the asteroid with nukes. It will not work. The First Trumpet is the debris of the asteroid’s meteorites hitting the earth. The Second Trumpet is the main body of the asteroid striking the earth maybe in the Pacific ocean. Because the asteroid was radioactive due to nuke strikes, the spray of water from striking the ocean will fill the air as a poisonous aerosol and pollute the world’s fresh water.  Since it hit the Pacific Rim, the volcanoes will erupt. The plumes of smoke and ash from the volcanoes will cover the earth in the Fourth Trumpet.

5th trumpet demon locusts of revelation
5th trumpet demon locusts of revelation

The asteroid will crack open the earth’s crust and mantle. The Fifth Trumpet is the release of small flying demons upon the earth (Revelation 9:1-9:12) which will torment men for five months. These demons are unseen but they were released because the crust and mantle were devastated where the asteroid hit. The torment, in the natural realm, will be worse than death as men deal with poisonous radiation, fire, smoke and ash from volcanoes, famines, droughts, and other plagues.




That is followed by the Sixth Trumpet:  200,000,000 larger demons given the power to kill one-third of humanity, namely from the aftermath of the asteroid

6th Trumpet 200,000,000 army demons
6th Trumpet 200,000,000 army demons

(Revelation 9:14-9:21.). There is no such thing as a 200,000,000 man army on the way. That number for a human  army is not credible and frankly ridiculous. If you were to combine the armies of NATO, Russia, China, and India, you only get 7.6 million. When you read Revelation 9:14-9:21, it is clearly talking about demons in the unseen realm.






The Rulers of the Antichrist Kingdom

The revised United Nations is the kingdom of the antichrist and it will be ruled by ten world leaders. They will grant themselves authority over all nations of the world. They will be primarily from the U.K., E.U., and Russia. These ten world leaders will surrender the sovereignty of their respective nations to the revised U.N. for a time to “bring peace and safety.” The man known as the antichrist will be their leader. He will not rule the world by himself, however he will be the chief of the ten.

There must be unrest of epidemic proportions for the coming United Nation’s power grab to be justified. Similar to what we saw with the Corona Pandemic, the power-grab will be massive.

War on Religion

The whore of Babylon, a.k.a. Mystery Babylon, is all false religions – those religions other than true biblical Christianity. The whore of Babylon is led by the false prophet (Rev. 20:10; 13:11-18) who is the Pope. The whore will consist of those that join the one-world religion, like Catholicism, false Christianity, and the ecumenicals, plus those that do not, like Islam. The Pope will cause all he can muster to worship the one-world government. It is the Pope that implements the Mark of the Beast system to worship The Beast which is the revised U.N. He will not have the world worship the antichrist man. The eight rulers of the antichrist kingdom will hate those religions that do not join the one-world religion because eight rulers believe they are the cause of dissension. However, the eight rulers will particularly hate the Jews and true Christianity. They will persecute, jail, fine, and even kill religious fundamentalists that do not join the one-world religion of worshiping the new government. Fundamentalists religions will not submit to the one-world government, namely Sunni Islam, the Jews, and true Christianity. They will start with Sunni Islam, then when they are done destroying them, they will turn violent against Jews and true Christians.

Jesus’ Return

The armies of the antichrist will push from north to south through the Middle East all the way to North Africa fighting Islam. When the armies of the antichrist are finished with Islam, they turn back to go home. However, on the way home they will put Israel in its place. Israel will be resisting and the U.N. cannot allow that. So, on the return north through Israel, the armies of the antichrist will slaughter Jews. However, their interest is not actually in compliance; they want to eradicate all Jews. Two-thirds of Jews in Israel will be killed. Many will flee. Women will be raped in Jerusalem. The antichrist, at the end of the final seven years, will enter into the temple on the Temple Mount and proclaim he is God. This is the Abomination of Desolation. At that time, Jesus returns, raptures His Church and begins His bowls of wrath against the antichrist and his kingdoms. The armies of the antichrist kingdom at Armageddon will be slaughtered by Jesus and His angels so that blood is over 4 feet deep. Some of the armies included in this slaughter are Russia, NATO (Germany, France, Turkey, and U.K.), Iran, and China. Jesus will personally slaughter many “Palestinians” in Jordan as well. After many events, Jesus touches down on the Mount of Olives and enters the Eastern Gate to begin His rule as King of kings and Lord of lords on earth. He will rule the earth with an iron fist for 1,000 years and there will be peace on earth.

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