Blood Moon Symmetry – Special Date January 5, 2015?

Blood Moon Symmetry – Special Date January 5, 2015?

By Thomas Taylor

The blood moons of 2014 and 2015 have something very interesting compared to the other blood moons over the last 5,000 years. These blood moons have a perfect symmetry, a perfect center date – January 5, 2015.  By the way, we will not see another blood moon tetrad for another 600 hundred years. [See my article on The Coming Four Blood Moons to understand the background on this subject]

What do I mean by symmetry? There is a perfect center date between the first blood moon and the last – January 5, 2015. There is a perfect center date between the second blood moon and the third and it also happens to be January 5, 2015. But even outside of the tetrad there were and are other blood moons. All three blood moons prior to the tetrad have perfect symmetry to the blood moons after the tetrad – January 5, 2015! What are the chances? This in itself seems to be a pretty amazing sign from God [Genesis 1:14-16]. As if that were not enough, there were four partial solar eclipses prior to the tetrad and four after the tetrad. Guess what? They are all symmetric as well….to the same date January 5, 2015! Again, no other blood moons display this perfect symmetry in the known history of lunar or solar eclipses! This is all shown in the chart below thanks to the research of Paul Grevas plus you can go check these facts out for yourself at the NASA website.

So what does the Bible say about January 5, 2015? Nothing. So what does this perfect symmetry mean? We do not know. But it is something to certainly watch, particularly when it comes to the nation of Israel. Historically, the bloods moons on feast days were an ominous warning of bad things to come, like war, genocide, and inquisitions, but in the end, salvation for the nation. The Bible does certainly prophecy about the Great Tribulation to come for Israel where 2/3 of the Jews will be slaughtered mostly by the power of the Antichrist. Could January 5th be a day of significance for Israel? I do not know and I do not set dates. However, something very significant seems forthcoming between the January 5, 2015 and the final blood moon September 28, 2015. The final blood moon is a “Supermoon”, the only one seen by all of Jerusalem. I would watch the nation of Israel during this time to see how the nations (U.N.) treat Israel, how Obama treats Israel, and what natural catastrophes occur during this time-frame.

What the Bible does says will occur in the end time is that a covenant of some kind will be confirmed or strengthened by the Antichrist. A temple will likely be built on the Temple Mount and daily sacrifices will resume; then the Antichrist will stop the sacrifices. At the midpoint of the final seven years, the Antichrist will be given power to destroy. After the 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation the Church will be raptured. Then the wrath of God will be poured out on the earth. All of these, somewhat radical, notions are absolutely proven in my articles and charts on this site through Bible prophecies. The timing of these bloods moons is not the rapture or the Great Tribulation because the final seven years has not even begun because no covenant was strengthened by the Antichrist. Also, the Jewish temple has not been built. However, it would still be beneficial for you to watch what may happen in the year 2015.

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11-17-2021 – I’ve gone back and looked over and over at this date and seen nothing in particular happen on January 5, 2015 of any prophetic significance. However, now some light has come…I believe the date was not the thing we were to look at but rather the year. The year 2015 had staggering prophetic importance. It was the year the pope formally introduce the covenant with many on the global stage. This current pope is likely the spiritual forerunner to the antichrist himself. The antichrist may soon show up to strengthen this covenant with many. What is the covenant with many? Today called by the world Agenda 2030 or the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We have just about completed 7 years of plenty at the time of this writing (Gen. 41:29, 30). We are about to enter, in September 2022, very possibly the final 7 years or Daniel’s seventieth week. I do not know for certain but I am simply watching.

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I have heard of the red moon or blood moon but never saw one. I think it is big and red. I also heard that Jupiter and Saturn came together a few days ago and made a huge and bright star. I think it has something to with Jesus because in the bible it says Jesus is coming back.


Thanks for the interesting article.

I have only recently heard about the blood moons.

However, 2015 has been on my radar for many years
because it is the 70th year from the end of WW2, when
the world order changed drastically. I liken it to the OT
70 year of Babylonian rule during which the power of
God’s holy people was totally destroyed. At the end of
the 70 year period, God’s Anointed, Cyrus, conquered
Babylon, liberated Babylon’s captives and decreed the
rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.

Cyrus is an OT archetype of Christ.


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